Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Last week I was at a choral concert at a very old church here. My friend invited me because she was singing as part of the choir. I love choral concerts, I love devotional music - not limited to any one religion but all of it. The message is the same: love. Although I don't consider myself a part of any one religion but more a part of all of them, the concert reminded me of being at church with my parents when I was little. They even sang one in my original language - one of the oldest in the world. Did I mention I also love Gregorian chant?

My feelings during the concert surprised me. I expected to love it and I did but it was more than that and in a way, I realized how over the last few years, I've forgotten what Christmas actually celebrates.  I've been so focused on gifts for my kids, on keeping the magic of Santa Claus alive that I've forgotten the more beautiful part of this, the celebration of the birth of Christ. So tonight at dinner, I'll be telling that story to my children. Then when they're in bed, I'll be back to playing Santa along with my husband!

I'd love to hear how you are celebrating this holiday and if you have any favorite music you like to hear that makes this time special for you. Share with me, will you?

Merry Christmas. 


Casey McKay said...

Merry Christmas Natasha!

Roz said...

Lovely post Natasha. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.


Emily Tilton said...

Oh my gosh, Natasha. I think we were separated at birth, or something. My daugher and I are singing our first public duet on Sunday in church, a wonderful carol that you probably know, "Infant holy, infant lowly." :D

Natasha Knight said...

Thank you. Merry Christmas Casey!

Natasha Knight said...

Same to you Roz. Merry Christmas

Natasha Knight said...

Sounds lovely Emily! I'd love to hear it. Merry Christmas.

Trent Evans said...

Every year in my family we play "Oh Holy Night" -- my favorite version is sung by Bing Crosby -- and it never, ever fails to bring both chills and happy tears:)

Merry Christmas, Natasha

Katie said...

Merry Christmas, Natasha!!! :) Sounds like the concert was wonderful! :) Yes, it is easy to get lost in all the stuff that goes with making Christmas special for our families. It is nice to think about the true meaning. I think of watching Charlie Brown Christmas as a kid. They so cutely addressed the true meaning there. :) A lot of stuff on tv today is not so much about the actual reason behind Christmas.

I love all kinds of Christmas music- Britten to Sarah Mclachlan, Messiah to popular takes on classic holiday music. We are having a lovely day with just our immediate family- something that we haven't done in many many years. Tonight we will eat Christmas dinner and then watch a movie as a family in front of the fire. Relaxing and just nice to be all together. Many hugs,

<3 Katie