Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Punishment Spanking

I'm just going to get right into it here. There are a lot of spankings in Claimed by the Beast - and some of them aren't even for Rachel. If you remember Elijah and Kayla from Taken by the Beast, they've since married and have a young daughter. When Rachel gets into some trouble she doesn't want Elijah to find out about, she calls Kayla to come to her rescue - and Kayla does. But when Elijah catches Kayla in a lie, he immediately takes on his role as HoH in their DD marriage... 

* * * *

“Stand up,” Elijah said, sounding like a disciplinarian, reaching for the buckle on his belt.

Kayla's heartbeat picked up and her belly felt tight.

“Up, Kayla.”

She slowly rose to her feet as he pulled the belt out of its loops and doubled it over in his hand, gripping the buckle in his palm.

“Bend over the arm of the couch, pants and panties down.”

“Do you have to?” she asked, knowing the answer.

“Do you think I shouldn’t?” he replied, raising his eyebrows. There was no humor in his expression.

She would have lied to him if he’d not driven up when he had. She would have done it to protect Rachel but that didn’t matter. She would have lied to him. Not to mention the fact she’d put Clarissa and herself in danger driving on a night like this.

She eyed the belt once more, then moved to stand where he’d said. She reached for the waistband of her pajama pants and pushed them down. She then did the same with her panties.

“Lower,” he said when she bent over.

She reached back and pushed them down to around her knees. She then bent back over the arm of the couch and placed her forearms on the seat. She waited, eyes wide.

Elijah moved to the side of her and pushed the shirt farther up her back as her pants and panties slid farther down her legs.

“Take your legs wider,” he said.

“Yes, sir,” she said, taking them as wide as possible with the pants pooled around her ankles as they were. She remembered well the sting of the belt.

“Tell me why I’m going to punish you,” he said, not touching her. That was the worst. There was no caress, no softness. She was to be punished.

“Because I put myself and our baby in danger and because I would have lied to you.”

She didn’t even have time to register that he’d swung when the first stroke landed.

* * * *


Roz said...

Wonderful snippet Natasha, I was right there with her. That awful feeling of doom in the pit of your stomach.


Casey McKay said...

Drooling... I am wearing my invisibility cloak to work today so no one can find me hiding in the back reading :)