Thursday, November 7, 2013

Her Rogue Knight - Cover Reveal

***Her Rogue Knight is now available on Amazon***

Woke up to this gorgeous cover for Her Rogue Knight this morning. This is my first Medieval spanking romance so new territory for me as far as the setting. It will be released this weekend... I will update when that happens. For now, I'm so happy to share the blurb and cover. 


Since her mother's death, Gemma's aging father has grown weaker with every passing year, and she has all but raised her younger sister Alys. Lethal with a bow in her hand, she keeps her family safe...until the day they are caught by surprise and Alys is taken by a band of outlaws. In desperation, her father pleads for aid from a reclusive knight by the name of Sir William and pledges Gemma's hand in marriage in repayment for the safe return of her sister. 

When Gemma ignores her father's instructions and sets out on her own to rescue Alys, she discovers that this gruff, unkempt and yet undeniably handsome brute is more than her match, and the lesson is brought him with a sound spanking on her bare bottom. With no time to waste taking the brave and feisty yet hopelessly na├»ve eighteen-year-old back home, Sir William has no choice but to bring her along as he pursues her sister's captors. Through he might not admit it, however, he relishes the thought that he might have to punish her again, and with every glimpse at her delicious curves, his lust intensifies.

In spite of his firm chastisement and his demand for her unquestioning obedience, Gemma finds her feelings for Sir William evolving rapidly. She begins to wonder what it would feel like to be stripped bare and held tight in his strong arms, helpless and blushing yet longing for him to claim her hard and thoroughly. 

Even as her desire for him grows stronger, she wonders about the secrets he keeps from her. His skill in battle alone tells her that he is no mere woodsman, and the hilt of his sword bears a marking that cannot be mistaken - a symbol that she believed had passed into legend. Can she trust this man with her life and that of her sister? Will he fail her in her hour of greatest need, or will her rogue knight prove himself worthy of not only her submission but her love as well?


Viola Di Marzo said...

I didn't realize it was going to be released so soon! I can't wait to read about those two :)
Congrats dear!


Natasha Knight said...

I never know when the exact date is going to be! I just always like it sooner rather than later!! Thank you V.

Casey McKay said...

Yay, I am so excited to finally read it!! Congrats!

Renee Rose said...

yummy! I love medieval knights!

Corinne Alexander said...

Like I said on Google + Ohh La La! That is one hot cover!! I love books with a medieval setting!

Roz said...

Love the cover Natasha. Yummy! Congrats on the release!