Monday, November 18, 2013

Her Cowboy Knight by Johnna Maquire

I met Johnna just last week when her book, Her Cowboy Knight, was released a few days following my release, Her Rogue Knight. See any similarities?? :) It took me a minute to realize why the title looked so familiar so I got in contact with her and we had a good laugh. 

Today I'm featuring an excerpt from Her Cowboy Knight which I'm very much looking forward to reading. She's new to this author thing so drop by, have a read and say hello. Here she is...

Thanks so much, Natasha, for hosting me on your blog today and talking me through my first guest blog. I can’t wait to share my new book with your readers.

I first got the idea for Her Cowboy Knight when I saw a girl squiring for the knights in the joust arena at our local renaissance festival. Something about her enthusiasm caught my attention, and I couldn’t get her out of my head. The next day I watched a western movie marathon with my father, and the seeds of the story took root. Since my mother is from Texas and my nephew works for the rodeo, I know tons of cowboys, so coming up with a hero was no problem.

This sweet little scene is one of my favorites in the book. It takes place the morning after Gabby has crashed Cooper’s combine and earned a punishment spanking, not for the crash, but for her temper. In the scene, Cooper takes a rare moment off work to show Gabby his own brand of making up after a fight, and that not all spankings are for punishment.

* * * *

“Cooper! Put me down, you’re getting soap everywhere.”
Cooper flipped her in the air and sat her on the wheel. He leaned forward until their foreheads were touching. “Thank you, baby.”
Gabby pouted slightly. “Now my pants are all wet.”
Cooper kissed her. “Sorry.”
Gabby put her hands on his shoulders. “How are you going to make it up to me, big man?”
Cooper kissed her again and reached around to cup her bottom. “Oh, poor baby. I bet it’s cold.”
Gabby squealed as he lifted her again, this time tossing her over his shoulder as he headed into the barn. “Cooper, don’t you dare.”
Cooper had a smile in his voice as he said, “But your little bottom is cold, baby, and we’ve got to warm it up.”
Gabby beat on his back. “I don’t want another spanking, Cooper.”
Cooper just kept walking. “Good thing I get to choose, then, isn’t it?”
They reached the door of her old room and Cooper kicked the door closed and flipped on a light. He let Gabby slide down his body. She started whimpering as he flipped her over an upraised knee, “Yes, ma’am, we’ve got to warm this little bottom up.”
Gabby kicked her feet. “Noooooo.”
As the swats began to fall on her already sore bottom, she wiggled nearly off his knee, but he put his arm across her back. “Be still, you.”
He spanked her a few more times and then set her on her feet, still retaining a hold on her arm. He sat on the stool he’d propped his foot on and stood her in front of him. He looked at her face, which had a pout firmly in place, but the twinkle in her eye encouraged him to go farther. He reached for the button on her shorts. Her eyes went wide when she realized his intention and her hands flew to his. His hands stilled, and he said her name softly. “Gabby…”
She looked into his eyes, and he said with quiet authority, “Move your hands.”
She slowly obeyed his command and he continued unfastening her shorts, skimming them down her legs to rest on her feet. She stood in front of him in her panties, her breath coming in short little pants. He hooked his thumbs in her panties and slid them down her legs with excruciating slowness. He slid his hands up her legs, letting his fingers drift to the inside. When he neared her sex, he teased his fingers around to the sides, up across her belly, and up to span her waist. He turned her to the side and tipped her over his left knee. She offered no protestation as he did.
He nudged her legs apart and let his hands explore between them. Just as she was almost starting to purr with the pleasure his hands were creating, his hands left her, only to return, causing a sharp sting on her bottom. Strangely, though she felt the pain, it only added to her pleasure. As he continued to lay stinging spanks all over her bottom, she ground her body trying to get her tingling sex in contact with his knee.
He let her try for a short while, realizing what she was attempting, but just as she almost reached her goal, he smacked her leg particularly hard three times. “Uh uh uh, Miss Gabby, I’m in control of that. You just lie still and take your spanking like a good little girl.”
She growled at him then, and he chuckled, “Not happy about that, are you, baby?” He leaned down in her ear and whispered, “I promise you, I will take you exactly where you want to go if you let me.” He rubbed the place behind her ear. “Will you let me?”


Casey McKay said...

I'll let him! Wait, what? LOL Cooper is a sexy man, you have me intrigued :) Congrats on your first release Johnna!

Natasha Knight said...

Casey!!! You are crazy!!! I'd let him too though...HOT piece Johnna!! said...

Thanks guys:) Yeah, I'm thinking I'd most likely let Cooper do what ever he wanted, too:)

Laura Colson said...

I read bought this book and LOVED it!!! Cooper was very HOT!!! Very well written and I loved the dialogue...pushed my hot buttons, yes it did! Can't wait for the next one. :-) said...

Thanks for reading and your kind words, Laura! I'm glad you enjoyed it. As for the next one, hopefully, I'll have it finished and out to everyone soon!

Roz said...

Great tantalising snippet. Loved it, very hot! Thanks for sharing ladies.

Roz said...

Glad you liked it, Roz. Thanks for stopping by!

katherinedeane said...

congrats on the release, Johnna!
This looks like a lot of fun!!