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Age Play - An Interview With Author Abbie Adams

I read my first age play book just this past week - it was A Little Training by Abbie Adams. I didn't know much about AP and didn't know what I'd think of it to be honest. I'd read bits and pieces in stories here and there, but never a whole book with AP as the central theme. 

From the moment I picked up A Little Training, I immediately connected with Livvy, the main character. She didn't know what AP was but had found an ad and had signed the contract in exchange for much needed funds. Abbie says below that Livvy is her fantasy - has been for many years. All I can say is that as I read the book, Livvy was a sort of fantasy of mine. A Little Training was a glimpse into an ideal setting, a safe place where Livvy was just completely taken care of and loved, thoroughly disciplined, yes, but with love. 

I don't want to take up too much space with my thoughts on this book but I guess the overall feeling for me was one of safety, of a real 'home', of freedom, of just being completely loved and cared for. It was beautiful. 

Now here's Abbie...

* * * *

Natasha: A Little Training was your first book and you've recently released A Little Trouble, the follow up. Can you tell us about the inspiration for writing these stories?

Abbie: This is really hard—when it shouldn’t be.
Livvy is my fantasy. For many years I dreamed of her… I remember telling my cousin about her, about my whole make-believe world, and her thinking I was having an out of body experience. She suggested perhaps I was Livvy in another life. Why else could I come up with complete days of this girl’s life- and it was not a normal life either

I didn’t let myself believe even then that I was making her up.
I mean who does that? Has multiple characters living in their heads, walking and talking and living out their daily lives—none the wiser to the people witnessing/creating them from the outside?
I might have to admit I was a freak if I went so far as to admit I was making this stuff up. I liked my cousin’s diagnosis better than my own anyway.

Oh, did you want a simple answer? You should have said so… The Little Series is an ongoing fantasy in my little head. It is continuing, you never know what is going to come out next. What makes it hard is sorting it all out since it has been playing in the “backofmyeyelids” Cinema for years.

Natasha: You've just released a new book (Cancun Heat). Tell us a little about that.

Abbie: Cancun Heat was previously released as Vacation from Reality. Not doomed to Amazon’s dungeon it suffered some glitch in the system and didn’t show up in the search engine or pages for quite some time after it was released. When we finally figured thatout, and tried to relist it, it still didn’t sell any copies. So, we’ve pulled it and are re-releasing it all together.
Now, anyone who purchased it via Blushing Books will automatically receive the new copy. We’re hoping the New Release will be just what this book needs. My beta readers were thrilled with it, even though it was not an AP like my Little books. I’m excited to see what others think too.

Cancun is hot, and so are Brianna’s memories. She’s replayed the scene she witnessed of Clay so many times that no other man will ever live up to him.
Brianna longs to be held accountable, spanked by a sexy dominant man when she deserves it, (or even for fun). Is that too much to ask?
This librarian only gets her action in her books and her fantasies. That’s why her best friend cooks up this dream vacation—so they can have some real fun. Only now Kelly can’t come to Cancun with Bree and Bree resorts to her old devices. Until Clayshows up. Or is that just the Jose Cuervo, making her see things.
Is it the heat in Mexico, the sultry sea air, or is it really Clay? And does he still believe in spanking a girl when she deserves it?

Natasha: For how long have you been writing and how do you come up with your story ideas?

Abbie: I’ve been writing forever… I’ve been published for about four years.

Natasha: I feel like this genre is exploding right now (spanking and AP) which makes me very happy of course. What do you think of this - do you agree/disagree? And do you think our books help people who are maybe afraid or just unable to come out and experience this in their lives?

Abbie: I LOVE that the spanking and AP books are everywhere right now. As I was traveling the last month I saw many people reading on their kindles and nooks and I couldn’t help but wonder if they were reading some kinky book written by someone we know. And it’s just that—I think the ability to read on electronic devices and get whatever type of reading material we choose so much more readily has opened up a whole new world to us.
totally agree that it has helped woman-err and men come out of their shells and accept themselves and their natural tendencies to be submissive or dominant and not feel like they need therapy… like they are freaks… We can let go and explore oursexuality.

Natasha: Do you live in a spanking relationship and how (if at all) does ageplay—play a role in it?

Abbie: I do live in a Domestic Discipline relationship. It was very hard for me to open up to my sweet and wonderful husband about my desires. It was equally hard for him to accept that it was okay for him to spank/hit me.

He did want to spank me. He will admit it somehow turns him on. Not that He enjoys hurting me—but me submitting to him, and physically squirming on his lap… he always worries that he will go too far, hurt me too much and more often than not stops well before he could… (I will admit I’m a baby)
But my point in this is that it took me a LOT to get to this point… there were many sleepless nights. My hubby knows I write spanking fiction… he spanks me… he knows nothing of AgePlay…. Or my Little books.

I don’t know when if ever I could tell him about Ageplay. I don’t know how it could fit into our lives or if I want it to. Sometimes, I really think I do… I mean I can see how could.

I think it was Korey Mae Johnson (found it, on Spanking Romance) who said it best.
She said that her husband said that she basically already was a “little”.
He coddles her, makes her take naps, tucks her in… He took her to the doctor, the only that set them apart from the AP couples was that she didn’t call him “Daddy.”

Now as nice as it would be to age play- to cuddle with a Daddy— I could settle for less… I could see how some of the aspects could work… Oh damn. Here I go again.

Wait, the question? Oh, yes… Yes, we have spanking. No Ageplay.

I feel as though AP is often even more misunderstood by people outside this community than spanking.

I think so. I think everyone automatically thinks of spanking as a sexual thing. They can’t fathom that it can be a discipline thing and that it really widely done.

Then I think that people generally think of Age play as people who want to have sex with children. Or, women who never had a real dad.

I think it’s more of the hero worship thing. Why wouldn’t we fantasize over the perfect authoritarian? Every girl has a hero/prince charming and looks up to him. We fantasize about the perfect Daddy, he will care for our every need, he is honest and fair… even to the point of not letting us harm ourselves.
Natasha: Do you have a favorite author or a book that has stood out for you and why?

Abbie: I have so many favorites, this is kind of like picking my favorite food! Every new book that I read, I gush that it’s my favorite book of all time, like seriously, every new book.
Okay, in all honesty… I’ve gotten a sneak peek at one of Maren Smith’s new books (I’ll be Home for Christmas) and I was caught between giggles and holding my fanny most of the way through. I’ve probably said it before… I really like her, almost every book she has written, and as a friend and author she is full of wonderful encouragement and always willing to help.

Six months of training. Six months to find a placement. Three years with a Daddy. Fifty-thousand dollars. No Kidding.

That is the short of it. The contract I signed- well I don't think words could describe it. I essentially gave up the rights to my body for the next four years.

"You truly have nothing to fear unless you disobey. If you are good girls you will be rewarded. But, if you are naughty, you will be spanked or punished. You will learn as you go along. As will we all, I suppose. Right now, all you need to know is that you must obey all of the adults or men in our home." Trace locked his gray-blue eyes on mine until I looked away. I thought he was challenging me until I noticed he made the same eye contact with all the girls.

"You will only call me Daddy, and the other men- Uncle. As you get to know them you may call them Uncle Matt or such but you must always use the respectful term Uncle. Are there any questions on this?"

Six months of training. Six months to find a placement. Three years with a Daddy. Fifty-thousand dollars. No Kidding. Livvy is back in the second book of The Little Series.

Livvy has high hopes after Daddy made his claim on her, but it didn't feel like things had changed. Shouldn't he have told the others? Shouldn't things have been different? Maybe she made a mistake? Maybe he was still looking for the perfect little girl?

He was still getting more new girls, but wasn't she special? Daddy let her go with him to meet some of the new girls. He was also teaching her some of the things that pleased him, as strange as they were... Sara also takes on the role of helping her become the little girl that Daddy likes best. Will Sara's observations prove helpful or harmful?


Casey McKay said...

I have not read any age play books, but now I am intrigued! Nice interview Natasha :) Hi, Abbie, congrats and good luck on the new releases!

Tara Finnegan said...

What a great interview. Some really thoughtful and probing questions, answered equally as thoughtfully and frankly. It gives some great insight into what seems to be a rapidly growing genre. Thank you both.

Emily Tilton said...

Great interview, both of you. Abbie, you encapsulate the problem and joy of AP so well.

Natasha Knight said...

I'm new to AP too but LOVED this so I definitely recommend!!

Natasha Knight said...

I loved how open Abbie was, it makes all the difference. Thanks Tara!!

Natasha Knight said...

Thanks Emily :)

Anastasia Vitsky said...

Great interview, Natasha and Abbie. I'm glad I stopped by to learn more about both of you.

Angie Sargenti said...

Nice interview. It made me realize I have written an AP story (a very short one!) I hope the re-release goes well.

Abbie Adams said...

Thanks Casey. I'm sure once you try it you'll be hooked... (age play I mean) LOL

Abbie Adams said...

Natasha wasn't holding back was she? Ouch! No, really... They were great questions.

Abbie Adams said...

Thank you, Emily. I love your use of words.

Abbie Adams said...

Thanks for coming to play, Ana. I hope you had fun!

Abbie Adams said...

Oh gee! I have written an age-play before... let me dust it... LMBO! Only you, Angela. You're amasing. What haven't you done?

Abbie Adams said...

Natasha, thanks again for letting me come play! Next time you want to come to my place?

Roz said...

Wonderful interview ladies, thank you for sharing. I haven't read AP books either but this has definitely got me intrigued. Congrats on the new release Abbie!