Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sexy New Spanking Romance by Casey McKay

I love Casey McKay. Did you all know that? Her writing is awesome, she is funny as hell and a very good friend. And she's here teasing you today with her new book, Cursed Waters

* * * *
Natasha said I could use her blog today to pimp my book. I personally think Natasha is the Queen of the Tease when she has a new book out (and I love complaining about it). So I am trying to take a page out of her book and tease all you dear readers into purchasing a copy of my new book Cursed Waters.

At this part in the story Roxy has gotten herself into a bit of hot water with Trevor (she seems to do that a lot). They have a history together and Roxy is hoping they will overcome their past and not be doomed to repeat their mistakes. I like how Trevor gets all alpha male on her in this part (I know I wrote it, but I can still like it).

* * * *
Trevor reached up and pulled her arm. She fell, ungracefully, across his lap. Roxy put her hands out to steady herself on the floor and readjust, but before she even had a moment he started spanking her. The wooden spoon bit into her flesh. She still had the protection of her jeans, but thinking they were any kind of buffer would have been a mistake. Her mistakes kept adding up today. Lying to Trevor, hiding things from him, and letting him pack a damned wooden spoon.
“Ah,” she cried out, a particularly hard smack hitting her upper thigh, pulling her from her self deprecating thoughts. “Please!” Roxy kicked her legs straight out behind her and she tried to twist away from the incoming blows. “It hurts!” She yelled out.
Trevor stopped and waited for her to stop wiggling around. She felt his hand on her lower back rubbing small circles, “It's supposed to hurt, Roxy.”
His response infuriated her. He wanted to hurt her? She fought against his hold on her and pushed herself to her feet.
Trevor looked up at her in surprise. “Are we done?”
Roxy used both hands to try to rub the sting from her ass, “Yes!” she shouted at him.
“Who decides when the spanking's over?” He asked.
She narrowed her eyes at him, but didn't respond.
“Who's in charge here?” He questioned her again. Roxy wanted to kick him, he was pulling out everything he knew that would get her to comply. “Do you need a break?”
She still didn't reply but she felt tears pricking the backs of her eyes. Why did she get so over emotional when he could remain so in control?
Trevor pointed to the corner behind the desk. “Go face the wall and think for a minute.”
When she didn't move right away he raised his eyebrows at her, Roxy spun on her heel and made her way over to the appointed corner. She hated being made to stand in the corner. Trevor knew this, she was surprised at how much he remembered from their previous relationship. But she was having doubts. Could she have this kind of relationship again? It had been a long time since anyone had spanked her, in fact no one had since Trevor. She thought she missed it, but this encounter was giving her second thoughts. She placed her forehead on the wall and focused on breathing in and out to calm herself down.
She heard Trevor moving behind her and then felt him at her back. He slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her back to his front. One hand traveled up and massaged her neck and shoulders. The hand still at her waist began working on the button of her jeans. Roxy let her arms go limp at her sides and closed her eyes. She loved when Trevor undressed her, even if his intention was to punish her, it made her feel completely his. Once the button was open he slid down the zipper and started working her tight jeans down her hips. They stopped at mid-thigh, where they had gotten wet, the tightness and the material would have made them a struggle to get down to begin with, but with them being wet on top of everything else they may as well had been glued to her thighs.
He grabbed her hips and turned her around, giving her a hard look that dared her to defy him. He then lead her the few feet to the desk and bent her over the edge.

Roxy Wilson is going through the motions. She's running her deceased grandmother's psychic readings shop, but she's not a psychic. Hoping to expand and just become a gift shop, she contacts her ex-boyfriend, Trevor Dale. Only she doesn't anticipate the feelings she's still having for him after four years of separation.

Trevor could never get Roxy out of his system, and now with her so close to him again, he's reluctant to let her go. But a 40 year- old curse involving evil spells and zombies overtaking the small, seaside town of Ocean Pointe may put a stop to any sort of romantic reunion.

Can Roxy and Trevor break the curse and save their town from zombies? Find out in Cursed Waters!
Warning: This book contains spankings and anal play between two consenting adults. If you are offended by this subject matter, please do not read this.


Tara Finnegan said...

What a place to stop...I think you've learned too well from Natasha!
I loved that scene, and the entire book. Best of luck with it :)

katherinedeane said...

Loved that scene!
Hot, dominant! Mmmmmm
Congratulations on your release!

Celeste Jones said...

Congrats on the new release! You are a tease. What a place to leave us hanging. Guess I'll have to buy the book. :)

Natasha Knight said...

She is a total tease! I love her anyway… and yes it's what we want Celeste - buy the book!! :D

Roz said...

I loved that scene ... the dominance is so hot! What a place to stop though, a real tease! Congrats on the release :)


Cara Bristol said...

I'm wondering what a wooden spoon could do to a zombie! Yes, you are a tease, that that's just good promo!

Casey McKay said...

They were a little short handed on the zombie hunting tools...

Casey McKay said...

Thanks Tara!

Casey McKay said...

Thanks Katherine!

Casey McKay said...

I'm trying to be a tease!

Casey McKay said...

Thanks again Natasha. I know you love me :)

Casey McKay said...

Thanks Roz!