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Spank Or Treat Winners

Thank you so much to everyone who dropped by our blogs, read our stories and commented! I loved participating this year and have found a lot of new blogs to follow! 

The four winners of my giveaway - Gift Cards to Blushing Books are:

Kelsey Summer
Elizabeth Marie

Congratulations guys!! I will e-mail you separately with gift cards to your e-mail addresses. 

Today is the day the overall blog winners are also being announced so make sure to check out Ana's blog:

Hope you all had fun and thanks again!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Favorite #Spanking Positions and Implements - Results Are In

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Spank or Treat Blog Hop this past weekend. I feel like I've 'met' so many new people and found so many awesome blogs I did not know existed.

Also an enormous thanks to Anastasia Vitsky who organized the hop and all the helpers along the way. It was great fun to be a part of it.

Now, on to spanking items… For my prize drawing, I asked people to name their favorite spanking position and implement. I have to say, I wan't surprised by the top choice but I was surprised at the overall vote - I thought it would be closer but it was a landslide!

Here are the results:

Favorite Positon:
OTK - 32
Lying on Bed - 5
Over the Couch - 3
On Hands and Knees - 2
Bent Over Anything - 1 
Bent Over Desk - 1
Laying Across Table Gripping other side - 1 (this got me totally hot)

Favorite Implement:
Hand - 23
Belt - 8
Paddle - 5
Anything Leather - 5
Hairbrush - 3
Flogger - 2
Feathers - 1
Crop - 1
Cane - 1
Air - 1 (you know who you are :)
Beater Stick - 1

Intimacy was one of the drivers of the OTK position. I think that is lovely. This is such an intimate act. 

I'll be announcing the winners of my prizes on Thursday - they've already been selected at random but I can't say yet who won…shhh…….

Friday, October 25, 2013

Spank Or Treat Blog Hop #SpankorTreat

It's almost Halloween!! Time for The Spank or Treat Blog Hop where spankings and prizes are the norm! I'm giving away four prizes to commenters on my blog in addition to the AMAZING prizes for the overall hop! Keep reading to find out more.

For my post, I'm sharing a snippet from The Rogue Knight, my first Medieval erotic spanking romance. The manuscript is in my publisher's hands and - barring a thousand pages of edits - will be out soon. 

There's quite some reading to do if you plan on visiting every blog so I won't set this scene up - just let you know there's a spanking. Surprise..

* * * *

     Gemma watched Sir William approach, took a quick glance in either direction but determined to hold her ground. She wasn't going to plead with him. She was just going to tell it to him as it was. He had no rights over her. "I just want to find my sister. I know my father means well but he does not understand that we do not have time to waste."
     "Does not understand? Your father is a wise man. Life may have aged him prematurely, but I wouldn’t say he does not understand. I think it is you who does not understand the danger you've put yourself in, not to mention the small window of time we have to save your sister."            He sat down on the stump of a tree. "Tell me what exactly you were going to do when you caught up with them. If you caught up with them," he asked.
     She shifted on her feet. "I will catch up with them and then I will take her back. Bring her home."
     "How exactly?"
     She made a face and shook her head as if he were the one not understanding.
     "Let me be more specific. How were you going to track her?" he pressed.
     "I was going to go west," she said, wavering a little.
     "And then?"
     Well, she hadn’t really thought of the 'and then' part. She glanced at the ground then returned her gaze to his. "Is that not obvious? And then I would find her, kill the men who kidnapped her and bring her home."
     He nodded, scratching his scruffy neck as he looked up into the now blue sky. "So, just to make sure I, this old, weak man, understands…" he began.
     She cringed at the words he threw back at her - he'd obviously seen the letter she had left for her father.
     "You were going to 'go west', magically locate your sister, single handedly kill her captors and return with her to your father's house unharmed."
     She glanced around, avoiding his somewhat amused, somewhat bored gaze. "That's about right."
     "M-hmm. Do you see any flaws in your plan?"
     "Excuse me for not having had the luxury of time to plan something far more elaborate and exciting! And speaking of time, you are now taking up not only mine but my sister's as well. Tell my father I'm fine and I'll be home as soon as I can with my sister. Good day, Sir William," she said, turning on her heel.
     She hadn't heard him even take a step when his hand was on her shoulder, halting her.
     "You are one stubborn little girl," he said.
      Just as he turned her, Gemma drew the blade from her sleeve and held it up, her hand shaking. Her heart raced while he looked almost relaxed as she held the blade to him. She carried the sharpened kitchen knife in case of something exactly like this, but as she had never had to deal with anything like this before, she stood wide-eyed, absolutely at a loss for what to do next.
     But she didn't have to think long because before she knew it, his hand had closed over her wrist and turned her, hugging her back to him just like he had done yesterday except that this time, his hold was much rougher. With a little pressure and a quick shake of her wrist, her knife fell to the earth.
     "You're hurting me!" she yelled, pushing the elbow of her free arm into his ribs as she pressed her hips back in an effort to free herself. "Let me go!"
     "Once I've taught you a lesson," he said, hauling her off her feet and carrying her backwards until he was sitting down again on that tree stump.
     "What are you doing?" she cried, struggling when he pulled her face down across his lap.
His huge hand connected hard with her bottom and even through the layers of both her dress and shift, she felt its strength.
     She gasped. "Ow! Let me go."
     He pulled her waist closer to him and spanked again.
     "You can't do this! You have no right!"
     "I can and I will, and it will be a good lesson for when you are my wife," he said.
     "I will never be your wife!" she protested.
     He lifted his hand and spanked once again over her clothes. "You are a stubborn little girl and you have more than earned this spanking. Your father may not punish you like this any longer but I certainly can and will."
     She reached her hands back to slap his away and cover her bottom but when she did, he grabbed both wrists in one of his hands and held them at her low back. "Thank you, that is much better," he said, his other hand now gripping one buttock hard. "You want to rescue your sister," he said.
     She stilled as he slowly slid his hand down the backs of her legs. When he reached the hem of her dress and his fingers touched the bare skin of her ankle, her breath caught.
     "You're very brave," he said, his tone just a hair lower, deeper. His fingers traveled upward, caressing now the back of her calf. "Courageous," he continued, lifting her dress and her shift as one as he reached the hollow at the backs of her knees.
     She made a small sound, a whimper, while he circled that tender, ticklish spot. But the tickle was something other, something almost erotic. And she knew he knew it as he hovered there, just lightly touching her skin. Her body stilled momentarily, her wide eyes staring straight ahead, the muscles of her back, arms and legs, tensed.
     "But your way of going about this rescue is, quite frankly, absurd."
     "What are you doing?" she asked, her voice small, wavering as cool morning air brushed the backs of her now bare thighs.
     "Preparing you," he said, and as if he knew she would fight against him, he easily shifted her weight and draped his right leg over the backs of her naked thighs, trapping her perfectly to him.
     "Preparing me for what?" she asked, knowing and dreading the answer.
     "Your punishment," he said easily.
     "You can't! I…" she began, but stopped.
     "You what?" he asked, his voice almost teasing now as he bared one buttock.
     Her belly quivered, panic taking her over, forcing her to buck as she tried in vain to fight him.
     "Be still, Gemma," he said. "You will take your punishment."
     "I will not! Let me go!"
     "After I've warmed your bare little bottom to my satisfaction."
     "No!" She mewled and tried to wriggle free.
     "What's the matter?" he began, taking her dress up past her waist, trapping the material beneath her hands that he still held there, fully baring her bottom and lower back now.
She whined in protest, but he ignored her. His big hand began to caress both buttocks, then stilled. She clenched her bottom tight. "I'm just a weak old man, after all. What have you to fear from me?" he said, raising his hand and bringing it down hard and fast twice on her exposed, vulnerable bottom.
     "Ow!" she cried out, trying to pull her legs in, somehow free herself but the way he held her, her hands pinned at her low back, her slight body pressed to his giant one, his heavy leg draped over her smaller ones, she was trapped.
     Without another word, he lifted his hand and struck her buttocks, alternating from one to the next, spanking hard and fast. She lost track of how many after the first thirty excruciating strokes. He didn’t give her a moment to catch her breath as she clenched and released her bottom, groaning, fighting to free herself, then calling out with the pain of what she was sure was his iron hand until he brought that hand to rest on her now hot, throbbing buttocks, caressing, circling slowly.
     The sound of her uneven breath filled the now quiet forest. Only after a few moments of this was she able to actually form words rather than incomprehensible sounds. "It hurts," she said, sounding foolish, feeling like a child.
     "I suppose it does," he said, wrapping that hand now around one thigh, gripping her hard and pulling her legs apart.
     This was different than the spanking and any courage gave way to desperate pleading.     "Please don't," she begged quietly, very aware of the pink lips of her sex peeking out from between her thighs. Was her spanking to be just the beginning of her punishment? What more did he intend to do?
     He ignored her, his thumb coming to her bottom as he still held her leg in a vice like grip. With that one digit, he depressed her buttock, spreading her open. She dropped her head, feeling the heat of shame rise to her cheeks.
     He held her like that for what seemed like an eternity and she squeezed her eyes closed, imagining his inspection of that most private part of her.
     "Please," she begged quietly.
     After an eternity he spoke. "I only intend on spanking you, nothing more," he said, his voice calm, quiet, if just a little thicker.
     She opened her eyes when he covered her buttocks once again with his hand.
     "Keep your legs like this," he said. When he lifted his hand from her leg, she did as he said, even as she squeezed her eyes shut anticipating the next round of punishment. He struck hard and didn't spare her thighs or buttocks, alternating between each at first then striking twice, three times, the same spot before moving to the next.
     She remained as still as she could now and even as she tried not to give him the satisfaction of making any sound at all, she found herself crying out with each stroke, her bottom half on fire. Her eyes overflowed with tears as sweat collected along her forehead, her whole body heating from the inside out. "Please stop! I'm sorry I said those things about you. You're not a weak old man. I'm sorry. I was just angry."
     "What else are you sorry for?" he asked, the blows raining down without any indication of stopping in the near future.
     "I'm just sorry. You're hurting me. Please stop!" she tried to kick her trapped legs but he carried on as if her struggles were nothing at all. "I'm sorry I went against my father and stole his compass. And I'm sorry I'm…" he slowed a little and when he did, the heat and throbbing sting of her backside were almost unbearable.
     "You are sorry you're what?" he asked, caressing again.
     A fresh tear fell but this was not one from the pain of her punishment. "I just wanted to get my sister before they did anything to her."
     "I understand that but your father did not want you to go for your own safety. And he was right. You are in no position to do this on your own."
     She heard his words, still very aware of the large hand that rested on her bottom, ready to deliver another round. She dared a glance over her shoulder but his eyes were on her exposed, vulnerable, red hot bottom as he circled there, rubbing her buttocks, her thighs.
     "Please don't send me home. Let me come with you at least," she asked.
     He turned his head to meet her gaze and she felt the ridiculousness of her situation, lying exposed across his lap, her humiliation fresh in every way.
     "I do not think I have much choice anyway," he said, and with his eyes on hers, he lifted his hand and brought it down one final time, this blow being the hardest yet.

* * * *

I reached my word limit…sorry! Here begins the journey of Sir William and Gemma. It's an adventure with some twists and turns, a bit of (twisted) legend, a lot of fantasy, romance and, of course, lots of spankings. I hope you enjoyed it and please make sure to comment below to be included in the prize drawings!! 

For my part, I wanted to give away two Blushing Books Gift Cards ($5/each) and - lucky all of us - when I e-mailed Blushing to find out how to do that, they offered to match my gift cards so I'll be giving away a total of 4 gift cards here, just answer the question: What is your favorite spanking position (fiction and/or reality) and favorite implement to spank or be spanked with? That's always a good one!! 

Here's the list of participating authors

Special Guest Blogger: PK Corey

Here are the rules to be entered in the overall prize draw:

  1. Visit each blog between Friday, October 25th and Sunday, October 27th to read the posted stories and excerpts.
  2. Leave a comment answering the story question on each blog.  You will receive one entry per blog for the grand prize drawing.  You will also be automatically entered in that author’s individual contest, if she has one.
  3. If you have visited all of the blogs, visit Ana’s blog to sign up for FIVE bonus entries to the grand prize.
    Deadline is midnight EDT (UTC -4) on October 27th!!
  4. If you successfully completed the Spankee Doodle, Love Spanks, or last year’s Spank or Treat 2012 challenge, you may add “VIP” to your comments.  You will earn THREE bonus entries toward the grand prize.  (Yes, we will be doing this again.  Yes, if you successfully complete the Spank or Treat challenge you can become a VIP for our next activity!)
  5. Visit any of the participating blogs on Thursday, October 31st to find out the lucky winners.  Will it be you?

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An Irish Beauty, a Texas Cowboy and the Strap...

I think I was the first person to read Mastering Maeve, is that right Tara? I feel honored (so just say yes even if I wasn't). I love Tara Finnegan's style, she is a unique writer, tells a wonderful, realistic yet hot as hell story and on top of that, she is a good friend. And she is even humoring me with one of my favorite scenes in the book…

* * * *

Natasha has kindly let me take over her blog today to promote my new release, Mastering Maeve. But it came with two provisions….she wanted me to say fecking and she wanted a particular scene. So here it is.

Setting the scene: Maeve has just snatched Larry’s phone from him and checked up on his incoming call records and he’s absolutely fecking furious!

Fed up with her recent behaviour overall, he’s dragged her by the arm to the small schoolroom, threatening to carry her if she doesn’t come willingly. When they get there he tells her to remove her skirt and then go fetch the old school strap that’s hanging from the door and hand it to him.

                                                                        * * * *

He watched her drag her feet to the door, and knew that the very act of fetching the implement herself, while in a state of undress, was adding to her dread. He held out his hand as she returned and passed the leather strap to him. It was about three inches wide and fourteen inches long of double-thickness leather. It was crafted to cause serious pain and he could see she knew that as she passed it over.
“Now pull your panties down to your knees and lie across the desk. Grip the other side with your hands.” She obeyed as expeditiously as she could, considering what was coming. He gave no warm-up, partly as time was limited and partly as this was meant to cause her as much hurt as she had with caused him her accusations. He swished the strap through the air, getting the feel of it, and saw her shudder and tighten her bottom cheeks at the sound.
“Don’t clench, Maeve, or I will cane you later too while using a plug to teach you not to clench. Be a good girl and relax.” He rubbed her milky white globes once, then spread her legs apart to help prevent clenching. He had a glimpse of her pussy, slick and moist in spite of her trepidation. Her white cotton panties were bunched up in a twist just above her knees. He clucked his disapproval at her obvious arousal to increase her mortification, but really, if she had any clue how hot she looked like that, she could so easily have distracted him from his intentions.
“Count to six, and don’t make me start over.”
“Ok,” she rasped.
“Pardon?” he asked as he brought the strap down in the centre of her bare pale arse. Immediately a wide red welt formed as she yelped.
“Sorry, sir, I mean, yes, sir, one.”
“No, that one doesn’t count, and I want to hear ‘sir’ after each number.”
“O-one, sir,” she howled as he brought the strap down again. She wriggled, trying to escape the burning sensation.
“Be still,” he ordered. He delivered each of the remaining five in quick succession, starting up at the top of her bum and working his way down. By the time it was done, she was aflame right along to the tops of her thighs, the width and length of the implement ensuring every bit of her posterior felt the impact. It wasn’t enough strokes for tears, but that was what he wanted. He wasn’t so heartless as to force her to go to a rehearsal with the embarrassment of red eyes. A scorched bottom was humiliation enough. He rubbed her momentarily and then told her to thank him and dress quickly.
“Thank you, sir,” Maeve said meekly. At that he pulled her in for a quick cuddle; she had accepted her correction much more readily than he had anticipated. If she knew how badly he wanted her now. All the appearance of defiance had gone and her face was placid and calm. His penis was aching from a desire to plunge into the glistening moist crevice he had spied only a moment earlier, but there really wasn’t time. He brought his mouth down on hers and she responded hungrily until he reluctantly pulled away.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sexy New Spanking Romance by Casey McKay

I love Casey McKay. Did you all know that? Her writing is awesome, she is funny as hell and a very good friend. And she's here teasing you today with her new book, Cursed Waters

* * * *
Natasha said I could use her blog today to pimp my book. I personally think Natasha is the Queen of the Tease when she has a new book out (and I love complaining about it). So I am trying to take a page out of her book and tease all you dear readers into purchasing a copy of my new book Cursed Waters.

At this part in the story Roxy has gotten herself into a bit of hot water with Trevor (she seems to do that a lot). They have a history together and Roxy is hoping they will overcome their past and not be doomed to repeat their mistakes. I like how Trevor gets all alpha male on her in this part (I know I wrote it, but I can still like it).

* * * *
Trevor reached up and pulled her arm. She fell, ungracefully, across his lap. Roxy put her hands out to steady herself on the floor and readjust, but before she even had a moment he started spanking her. The wooden spoon bit into her flesh. She still had the protection of her jeans, but thinking they were any kind of buffer would have been a mistake. Her mistakes kept adding up today. Lying to Trevor, hiding things from him, and letting him pack a damned wooden spoon.
“Ah,” she cried out, a particularly hard smack hitting her upper thigh, pulling her from her self deprecating thoughts. “Please!” Roxy kicked her legs straight out behind her and she tried to twist away from the incoming blows. “It hurts!” She yelled out.
Trevor stopped and waited for her to stop wiggling around. She felt his hand on her lower back rubbing small circles, “It's supposed to hurt, Roxy.”
His response infuriated her. He wanted to hurt her? She fought against his hold on her and pushed herself to her feet.
Trevor looked up at her in surprise. “Are we done?”
Roxy used both hands to try to rub the sting from her ass, “Yes!” she shouted at him.
“Who decides when the spanking's over?” He asked.
She narrowed her eyes at him, but didn't respond.
“Who's in charge here?” He questioned her again. Roxy wanted to kick him, he was pulling out everything he knew that would get her to comply. “Do you need a break?”
She still didn't reply but she felt tears pricking the backs of her eyes. Why did she get so over emotional when he could remain so in control?
Trevor pointed to the corner behind the desk. “Go face the wall and think for a minute.”
When she didn't move right away he raised his eyebrows at her, Roxy spun on her heel and made her way over to the appointed corner. She hated being made to stand in the corner. Trevor knew this, she was surprised at how much he remembered from their previous relationship. But she was having doubts. Could she have this kind of relationship again? It had been a long time since anyone had spanked her, in fact no one had since Trevor. She thought she missed it, but this encounter was giving her second thoughts. She placed her forehead on the wall and focused on breathing in and out to calm herself down.
She heard Trevor moving behind her and then felt him at her back. He slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her back to his front. One hand traveled up and massaged her neck and shoulders. The hand still at her waist began working on the button of her jeans. Roxy let her arms go limp at her sides and closed her eyes. She loved when Trevor undressed her, even if his intention was to punish her, it made her feel completely his. Once the button was open he slid down the zipper and started working her tight jeans down her hips. They stopped at mid-thigh, where they had gotten wet, the tightness and the material would have made them a struggle to get down to begin with, but with them being wet on top of everything else they may as well had been glued to her thighs.
He grabbed her hips and turned her around, giving her a hard look that dared her to defy him. He then lead her the few feet to the desk and bent her over the edge.

Roxy Wilson is going through the motions. She's running her deceased grandmother's psychic readings shop, but she's not a psychic. Hoping to expand and just become a gift shop, she contacts her ex-boyfriend, Trevor Dale. Only she doesn't anticipate the feelings she's still having for him after four years of separation.

Trevor could never get Roxy out of his system, and now with her so close to him again, he's reluctant to let her go. But a 40 year- old curse involving evil spells and zombies overtaking the small, seaside town of Ocean Pointe may put a stop to any sort of romantic reunion.

Can Roxy and Trevor break the curse and save their town from zombies? Find out in Cursed Waters!
Warning: This book contains spankings and anal play between two consenting adults. If you are offended by this subject matter, please do not read this.