Friday, September 13, 2013

Fiction vs. Reality in Spanking and DD

I get pretty caught up in the images and ideals of the heroes of our books and the perfect spanking and love scenes. No one every does anything wrong, the hero always knows how and when to take charge, he's really just always the perfect Dom - even his first time around. The heroine, even as she's sobbing in the arms of her lover/disciplinarian, never has to wipe away snot and there are no awkward moments.

Reality, however, is a little different.

These posts I'm linking here talk about this both seriously and humorously. When I read Katherine Deane's interview of Patricia Green, I could absolutely relate. Patricia's advice of 'take care of your fences' is still giving me goosebumps.

The Secret Spanko's post on reality vs. expectations in a relationship when one partner is kinky and the other not is humorous but with a serious undertone. Even as the vanilla partner may want to try to please his/her spouse, often times, something is missing. The hamburger analogy sums it all right up.

Casey McKay makes me smile. No, sex in the shower in real life isn't that hot - at least not for me. TMI, sorry but soap in the eyes, water is too cold/hot or being hogged by the larger partner, can't quite get a grip…ok, you probably want me to stop… Take a moment and have a look.