Sunday, September 22, 2013

Caning Sophie #Spanking

This is a compete teaser - I totally admit that now. It is from Aching To Submit, my newest release.

This is one of two scenes I've ever written where there are more than two players during a spanking. In this case, Sophie is about to get caned by Kyan, the club owner. But as she belongs to Michael, Kyan first must ask permission - which Michael, of course, grants.

Julia, Kyan's wife, gags her just before the caning begins and is the one to remove it just after her punishment. I think my favorite part is Michael's part at the very end of this little snippet.

                                                 * * * *

“I’d like to use the cane, Michael,” Kyan said simply.

Michael looked at Sophie who looked back at him, eyes wide and trusting. He smiled softly, then nodded to Kyan without breaking eye contact with Sophie.

“Julia, gag her,” Kyan said.

Julia came to kneel beside Michael. “You won’t be able to say your safeword with this in,” she began, petting her hair as she spoke. “Just tap on the bench three times to signal you’re using it. Understand?” she asked.

Sophie nodded.

Julia touched her cheek with a warm, sweet smile on her face before sliding the ball gag into her mouth and securing it.

When she walked away, Sophie looked at Michael, her mouth wide around the gag. He reached forward and kissed her cheek, her ear, her hair. Kyan waited until he had moved away to lay the first stroke of the cane across her ass.

The whippy sound was different and Sophie tensed instantly. She closed her eyes when it struck, but it was a moment before she made any sound.

“Okay?” he asked, touching her sweaty face.

She blinked once and managed a small nod, looking into his eyes as she braced for the next stroke.

Michael glanced at Kyan and Kyan struck again.

She made a sound that was muffled behind the gag, her hands fisted, tears seemingly being pushed from her eyes.

Michael’s cock hardened even more than it already was.

“Again,” he said aloud.

The sound, like a whistle, one that he would now never forget, filled his ears.

Sophie made a pained noise and looked at him.

“Again,” he said, never breaking eye contact with her. A part of him knew that although he was not the one delivering her pain, he was the cause of it. The thought made him hungrier.

“Two more. Last ones.”

“I’d like to strike her thighs,” Kyan said. “These will be more painful.”

Michael only nodded his permission.

“Two more on each thigh or two total?” Kyan asked.

Michael looked at her position and realized that splayed as she was, he’d have to strike each thigh separately.

“Two on each.”

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