Monday, August 19, 2013

Good Girl - Two Word That Make Me Weak at the Knees

I have been obsessed with the song Blurred Lines ever since I first heard it. The tune was catchy, his voice was nice but there was definitely something else about it that just grabbed me. I always have that with music - for me, it's the words - and I know straight away if I'm loving it or it's going to be OK or whatever.

At first, I couldn't figure out what it was I liked about it. It's fairly simple and I quite like something a little heavier, something I can brood over. Mumford and Sons has a song that describes this well:
And the darkness can descend,
We can relish all the pain.
But I know that's what you love,
Cause you know I love the same…"

Mumford and Sons, Where Are You Now
I relish the pain. I like it. I'm drawn to it and it's usually how I connect with people. But here was this simple song and I finally - finally - figured it out. Yes, I'm a little slow.

It was the good girl reference. When he sings 'you're a good girl', it just speaks to me, makes my belly go all soft and really just makes me want to sit up and pay attention and do whatever he says. I'm submissive by nature and this just hits a button - it's a total trigger.

I'm not going to get all broody now - instead I'm off to listen to the song one more time. Maybe do a little dance in my kitchen - consider yourselves lucky you don't have to witness that. I've linked the video above so if you click on the song title, you can enjoy it right along with me.