Thursday, July 18, 2013

Submission as a Gift

I think bondage is hot, restraints are hot, being made to submit is hot (in fiction or consensually in real life). But there's nothing like taking your punishment. Nothing like bending over without the need to be held down, and offering yourself to him. It warms me just thinking about it.

I've been writing a bit more DD oriented stuff lately. Or at least a form of it where the heroine is punished when the hero decides she's broken a rule or put herself in danger or just disobeyed.

In Taken by the Beast and now in Captive's Desire, the spankings have been more disciplinary in nature rather than erotic. Although for me, it's always erotic but I'm sitting behind my computer screen typing away on my keyboard when the hard spanking is going on so easy to say maybe. 

"Relax your body. Stop fighting, take your punishment and it will be over."
For me, during these scenes I have a theme. It's the "take your punishment without having to be held down, submit to it, to me". And also a favorite line. I can't remember and I hope I edited it out of the current manuscript. I'm not going to tell you what it is- see if you can find it in case it's still there.

Back to the submission piece. Submission is given. It can never be taken. I hope as the stories have progressed, I've been able to show the trust that grows between the characters to the point where the heroine truly submits to the hero, trusting him, giving herself to his keeping and finding bliss there.

I'm not sharing an excerpt today because I was told I'm winding some people up and walking away at a crucial moment. I believe I was called a tease even… today, it's just a pretty picture…enjoy and thanks to everyone for dropping by.
“I hope I don’t need to remind you again that you’ll be absolutely still and take your punishment without a sound except for the count.”