Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Spank My Wife!

My husband and I were having dinner with some friends whom we hadn't seen in a few months last night. We met up on our vacations at a middle point and it's always really great to see them. We were sitting outside at a fairly crowded restaurant and after a couple bottles of wine, we were sort of loud. Our kids are already loud so we just added to the noise! 

Out of nowhere, I mean really nowhere, our friend just out of the blue blurts out that he spanks his wife! Then he starts laughing and she's sort of looking at him and laughing and I'm looking at my husband and he's looking at me and we're laughing that 'oh shit' sort of laugh. 

For a moment - just caught up in it all - I was going to blurt out "we do too and I write spanking romance!" I could just see my face saying it - then pictured my husband's face if I'd said it, then our friends faces…Needles to say, I kept my mouth shut. Didn't want to walk an elephant into the middle of the restaurant, you know? Makes you wonder though how many people are closet spankos, you know?